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Man Made Climate Change and Transition Management

Rüdiger Haum from #WBGU and Martin Schwegmann went to Frankfurt/Main to join the final presentation of the transition management course with the #UrbanAgglomerations Master at University of Applied Science. US based urban designer and development strategist #ArunJain attended as guest critic.

In the master class Rüdiger Haum and Martin Schwegmann introduced the concept of transition management as a tool in order to tackle man made climate change on an urban level. The international students could pick an urban scenario in which climate change was relevant and its mitigation possible. In the course of the class they had to apply the multi-level perspective and identify the regime, niche and landscape level of the respective setting. Further more they had to come up with a stakeholder analysis, develop a transition arena and come up with an implementaiton plan. Alltogher they designed a transiton process rather than any build structure. The international master students embraced these concepts in complex settings: from installing a cicular building material economy to tackle river bed depletion in Chennai/India through boosting green buildings in Berlin/Germany to pathing the way of a green energy transition in Nigeria. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Paola Alfaro D'alencon and Julia Tasic carry out this slightly unorthodox experiment.


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