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University of the Arts, Berlin, Department of Architecture, Institute of Architecture and Urban Design, Prof. Markus Bader 


Guest reviewer

  • Design of a studio house - Bachelor Thesis


Summerschool Urban Pioneers - Berlin - San Juan

10. - 21. Juni 2013

Conception, Coordination and inputs 

  • Supervision of students 

  • Preparation and follow-up


Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Research, HU Berlin

September 2011- today

Coordinator of a junior researcher group (GSG) & founder and member (LDA) 

  • Conception and moderation of interdisciplinary knowledge exchange through panels, workshops, and symposiums (eg. Urban Commons 2013) 

  • Communication with member institutions  

  • Conception and administration of the website  

  • Acquisition of third-party funds  

  • Representation of the institute at events  

  • Coordination and moderation of group meetings


GIZ and DAAD in cooperation with School of Habitat Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) 

April 2010

3-week Summer School on "Sustainable Habitats in India" 

Invited participant, junior scientist  

  • Week 1: participation in peer-learning seminars together with junior scientists from all parts of India

  • Week 2: Action Research in a slum in Mumbai - Investing Criteria: livelihoods, housing, and infrastructure planning and management, Sustainability of the Urban habitat

  • Week 3: Learning dialogues with local and international experts (eg. Frauke Kraas)


Berlin Technical University, Urban Research and Design Lab

September 2010

Seminar "Latte or Schultheis goes Istanbul"

Visiting Lecturer 

  • Conception and realization of a seminar  

  • Input lecture on Istanbul and gentrification  

  • Mentoring and review of student work


University of Puerto Rico, School of Architecture 

April 2009

Workshop and Lecture 

Visiting Lecturer 

  • Lecture (Berlin, City without Form)  

  • Seminar (input on international liberalization of urban policies  on the example of Berlin and Istanbul)


Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

September 2006-July 2007

Research Assistant (Assistant Professor) at Department 8  

  • Creation of a new teaching area (Unit) - Parametric Design 

  • Supervision of Master students in the last year (Candidate Stud.) 

  • Organization and realization of student workshops with  international partners (Ali Rahim, NY; Mark Goulthorpe, WITH) 

  • Conception and realization of student exhibitions Work 

  • Committee work and cooperation with internal research centers


Istanbul Technical University; Technical University of Braunschweig; University of Puerto Rico; School of Architecture Copenhagen; Fachhochschule Potsdam (Urban Complexity Lab); TU Berlin 


Guest reviewer (selected)


Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki 

April 2005

Workshop / artistic interventions in public space (Monitoring and commercialization of public space)


  • Supervision of the students  

  • Input lectures 

  • Support for student projects 

  • Interventions in public space


Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture



Lecturer und Organizer

  • Input, organization, and realization of a lecture series

  • Supervision of the students


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