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Do it yourself/together urbanism
Vorträge und Disskussionen
Moderation und Präsentation



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lectures and discussions


Keynote lecture (Bristol): "How do you Masterplan the Creative City?" at the Future Ville Symposium Bristol. more

Impulsvortrag (Köln) at the invitation of the Kulturamt Köln at the Temporary Gallery - presentation of the Weißbuch Atelierförderung and of the ideas from Art City Lab 2


Panel discussion (Berlin): "Urban Development Neukölln" - in the framework of 48h Neukölln, together with Dr. Bastian Lange (Multiplicities), Moderation Hergen Wöbken (IFSE) more

Panel discussion (Berlin): "Urban Commons - How a Creative Bureaucracy Can Provide Productive Frameworks for Sustainable Urban Change" at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival Berlin 2018 together with Dr. Sebastian Schlüter of Actors of Urban Change.


Panel discussion (Berlin): "The power of the night: Nightlife, placebranding and the image of a metropolis" at the symposium "City after Eight" in Berlin, 24-26.11.2016.


Impulsvortrag (Oslo): Is the "we" at risk in the "attractive city"?, organized by Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Norway and OSLO PILOT. more


Panelist at the panel "Culture educates! bringing competencies together" at the first international congress of the independent cultural scene culture | Standort.bestimmung in Leipzig. Podium: Bernhard Rüdiger, Lyon | Dr. Patrick S. Föhl, Berlin | Michal Hladký, Košice | Dr. Martin Schwegmann, Berlin (Actors of Urban Change) Moderation: Stefanie Raab, more / video


Lecture on trans-sectoral cooperation and sustainable urban development through culture at the Impact Hub, Moscow


Lecture on trans-sectoral cooperation and sustainable urban development through culture in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia; organized by Rusal Foundation


Lecture on Smart Cities and Urban Commons in the context of the dialogue platform Smart People & Urban Commoning, TU Berlin moderated by Professor Jörg Stollmann


"Sustainable Urban Change in Istanbul"? - Lecture at Stadtlabor at the Institute of European Ethnology, Humboldt University Berlin. more


Lecture on trans-sectoral cooperation at the Social Impact Days in Tbilisi, organized by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Iris Group


Lecture at the 5th Forum Urban Research "Culture Makes City", practical lecture on the topic of trans-sectoral cooperation using the example of "Actors of Urban Change".


Lecture on "Istanbul and the Grassroots: Urban Transformations and Urban Social Movements" at a Winter School of the TU Berlin, Habitat Unit with students from Istanbul, Tehran, Cairo and Berlin with the topic "Mapping Bottom-up Neighbourhood Regeneration".


Lecture: "Istanbul and the Grassroots - Urban Transformations and Urban Social Movements", University of Cambridge, Cities Seminar -CRASSH, (English) more


urbanoFILMS#23: Istanbul between graffiti and gentrification in the market hall Neun Kreuzberg; film screening and public discussion (English) more


Lecture: "Istanbul and the Grassroots - Civil Society Organizations, Local Politics and Urban Transformation", University of Malmö more


Lecture and panel discussion: "From Sulukule to Kreuzberg: Expulsion in Istanbul, restructuring in Berlin", with Sebastian Jung,, Dr. Dorothee Haßkamp, Amnesty International, Mehmet Bakir, journalist; Ede Müller, filmmaker; Martin Schwegmann, architect and urban researcher, organized by Almende e.V., supported by KOTTI, Verdi, IG Metall and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. more


Lecture: "Istanbul between formal and informal", Anhalt University, Dessau, International Master's Programme Urbanism with Prof. Dr. Andrea Haase, (English)


Lecture and panel discussion: "Sulukule Reality", Gentrification in Istanbul, In the context of the Kreuztambul Festival 2009 more

Lecture: "Berlin - City without Form", at the University of Puerto Rico, Department of Architecture, Rio Piedras, on urban development in Berlin, in particular on the debate since 1989.

Lecture: "Open source Urbanism - Informal versus Formal. Urbanism in Berlin and Istanbul", University of Puerto Rico, Department of Architecture, Rio Piedras. (English)



Lecture: "Berlin - City without Form", University of Copenhagen, Prof. Detlef Siegfried on the discourse on urban development in Berlin after 1989.

Lecture and discussion: "Open Source Urbanism" On the theory and practice of participatory urban development in the context of the Jour Fixe of the Wriezen Open Space Laboratory, part of the research programme on experimental housing and urban development "ExWoSt" of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. more



Lecture: "What makes a Metropolis? Berlin and Copenhagen", University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Geography and Geology. Interdisciplinary Master's Degree in Urban Planning. (English)


Lecture: "Authenticity: City Branding 2.0" together with Tore Dobberstein (complizen Planungsbüro Halle/Berlin) about the possibility of creating an authentic city with methods of "Open Source Urbanism". (English) more


Lecture: "Authenticity_City Branding in a Globalized World", public lecture at "Form and Design Center Malmö", Sweden (English)


moderation and presentation


Moderation of the AiR Colloquium - Artist in Residence - in the context of Magedburg's application for the European Capital of Culture 2025. more


Moderation and conception of 8 international Academy Meetings for Actors of Urban Change (Berlin, Athens, Tiblissi/Zugdidi, Warsaw/Lublin, Berlin, Krasnojarsk, Cluj, Porto), 5-day seminars each with intensive workshops of up to 40 participants, expert lectures, field trips and self-moderated public panel discussions on local topics of urban and social developments. (in English language)


Urban Change Talk (Berlin): "Bologna - Laboratory for Urban Commons?"; Conception and Moderation, Guests: Prof. Christian Iaione, (LabGov, Rome) (input), Giovanni Ginocchini, (Director of the URBAN CENTER BOLOGNA), Marco Clausen, (Prinzessinnengarten | Nachbarschaftsakademie) Berlin, and Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh, (Urban Research Group Urban Commons) more


After the "Summer of Migration" Conception, organization and moderation of a panel discussion on the topic of "Urban Citizenship" within the "Berliner Urban Commons Series" of the Urban Research Group Urban Commons at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Research together with Dr. Markus Kip. Speakers were Jochen Becker (metroZones), Bettina Bauerfeind (Campus Cosmopolis) and Arwa Aladdin (Refugee Academy). more


Presentation of the dialogue workshop as well as guided tours for residents and actors through the exhibition of the submitted bidder concepts as part of the dialogue procedure for the location development concept for the Art and Creative Quarter (KuKQ) at the former Flower Wholesale Market (Blumengroßmarkt). more


Moderation: Disskusion Event at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Research: "Feeling the City - Feeling Shrinkage? - Phenomenological perspectives on shrinking cities. Impulse: Lars Frers and Tore Dobberstein. more


Moderation: Disskusion Event at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Research: City: (Art + Science) = ?; Impulse: KUNSTrePUBLIK, Mathias Einhoff and Philip Horst. more


Presentation of a film evening with subsequent discussion in the cinema Babylon Mitte. In the series "Neuer Deutscher Film" the films "Die letzten Tage von Sulukule" (Naomi Steuer) and "Sulukule Roman Orchestra" (Ede Müller) were shown. more


Moderation and implementation of a citizens' workshop as part of the Königs Wusterhausen station environment development for the Bahnstadt agency more

Moderation of several workshops during a three-day research trip "Social Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Urban Development in Berlin", for the Faculty of Urban Studies at the University of Malmö (English) more

Moderation of the Summer School closing event "Sustainable Habitat India" in the large auditorium of the Tata Institute for Social Science in Mumbai. (English) more


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