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Architect and urban researcher; author and moderator of collaborative and transformative urban processes.


sustainable and cooperative urban development and design / transition management / trans-sectoral cooperation / transparent property policy / land governance / urban commons


Born 1975 in Münster/Westf / 1998 -2004 Studies in Architecture, Urban Design and Experimental Media Design in Berlin (UdK) / from 2004 Consultant and planner in the field of urban development 2006/2007 Assistant Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Art Copenhagen / 2013 PhD with Prof. Herrle (TU Berlin - Habitat Unit) on Urban Development in Istanbul / 2013-2017 Program Director of the Program "Actors of Urban Change" sustainable urban development through culture (Robert Bosch Foundation and MitOst eV) / since April 2017 studio commissioner for Berlin / since December 2023 lecturer Transition Management University of Applied Science/Frankfurt/ independent consultant for sustainable urban, strategic and location development.

As studio commissioner he is an intermediary actor in Berlin between administrations, both on state and district level, the civil society and private sector and applies this to develop new places and to secure existing places of artistic and cultural production and housing.  

As an urban researcher he is active since 2012 within the framework of the Urban Research Group (URG) - Urban Commons at the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Research at the Berlin Humboldt University. Was responsible for international scientific exchange as well as conferences and publications on urban development, citizen participation, culture, and urban commons. You can find a complete list of publications here.

In the field of cultural funding he was active from 2013 to 2017 as program director of "Actors of Urban Change", a Europe-wide  program by the Robert Bosch Foundation in association with MitOst. The program supports projects in various European cities and beyond (including Bologna, Skopje, Porto, Athens, Kaunas, Berlin, and Krasnoyarsk/Siberia) to steer the cooperation of cultural initiatives and civil society groups with the local economy and city administration in order to further the sustainable urban development. A program description can be found here.

As a planner and expert he accompanied various urban development projects, for example at the former flower wholesale market in Berlin Kreuzberg, as project leader at the urban gardening project at "prinzessinnen gärten", involved in the development of transportation hubs in Germany and abroad, in Abu Dhabi and Moscow for German Rail and private planning offices.  


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